“How does a photographer describe and feel about a culture or a society in which he lives, but that perceives him as alien?” Based on this question, the curator and photographer Wolfgang Bellwinkel has selected works of nine Western photographers who have one thing in common: they live and work in Asia.
The particularity of this exhibition is mainly the individual search for subjects, as well as the subjective path of realization. The intention to avoid stereotyping Asia is being reflected in the wide spectrum of the nine different positions which vary from a reserved perception or a photojournalistic reportage to conceptual approaches to rather associative-poetic narrations. Certainly, in the center of the exhibition there is the relationship of the human being with its rapid expanding urban surroundings. Nevertheless, the main question is whether the photographers cross the threshold between the foreign and familiar world as they perceive themselves as familiar with Asia, even though they are still perceived as foreigners.