The Everyday Nature of War deals with the war in Bosnia 1993/94. Instead of showing the typical images of soldiers and battlefields it rather concentrates on the daily live in a war zone.
The work was published in the book ‘Bosnia’ in late 1994.
Wolfgang Bellwinkelis an artist/photographer who might, at face value, be described as a photo-journalist. His series of images titled ‘The Everyday Nature of War, Bosnia1993-1994’ chronicle aspects of that war but from the perspective of an empathetic eye.
Bellwinkel’s photographs are subtle and touching in their portrayal of daily, commonplace events. He does not exploit the subject or the audience by pandering to the ‘emotions’. That is, he does not photograph the dying child, the decimated face of a person after say, an explosion etc.
They are not explicit displays of carnage nor are they aestheticized, sensational, photographic trophies (barring one photo which actually is a bit sensationalist but it doesn’t dominate the series). The images therefore do not fit with the expectations of media agencies. In this sense, he is wholly outside a photo-journalistic remit and it is for this reason that I believe he is an interesting example of the scope of a citizen artist’s practice.