ongoing project

In the series Interventions I am concerned with certain phenomena of the present. I am particularly interested in forms of political violence as well as transnational social and ecological crises and their mediation through the media.

With the help of analog productions I create images that stand as examples for certain events of our time. These photographs are reminiscent of real events, their media images or those of our collective pictorial memory, so they usually have a strong reference to real events, but without trying to ‘re-enact’ them.

Through the form of staging I have control over the pictorial space and the narrative, which enables me to create a kind of blueprint, a visual prototype of certain events and situations.
Because what is depicted in the images is not bound to concrete situations, regions, societies… – and in these cases would attract a highly selective attention – but instead deals with certain phenomena in an independent, generalising way, new visual spaces and levels of meaning open up. At the same time, the knowledge of the construct of the image leads to an examination of questions concerning the reliability of our perception and the authenticity and subjectivity as well as the intention of photographic images.

Image Size between 100cm and 160cm long side.
All images are titled with the date of capture.
As an ongoing project there is no final sequencing yet.
What you see is a temporary version.