Olivier Pin Fat im Katalog der Ausstellung Rupture

Wolfgang Bellwinkel continues his ongoing series on “the metropolis”, a city in flux, a cacophony of scrambled visual over load – all expressed beneath the advertising tag-line – that delves into the very heart of rapid change, rapid decay and human isolation amidst both these bewildering dreams and sobering nightmares. In this sense he provides a powerful and multi-layered “context” that goes beyond historical documentation. Whilst viewing his 18 enormous prints, we find ourselves literally getting lost in detail, everything is sharp, every minute element as important as the other. When we pull away to try and make sense of this “context”, we realize the images are rupturing, if not literally burning, the metropolis he has depicted is certainly smoldering. Its an apocalyptic vision that gives no precedence to one thing over another. All is important.